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Here are the choices my sister and her husband picked out for the socks I plan to knit for them. The reds are hers, the blues his. I think they got a kick out of the scene. Yarn stacked floor to ceiling, women knitting and talking at a big round table in the middle of the room. They picked out their colors and then my sister wound each hank into a center-pull ball. I wasn’t expecting to go to the yarn store with them (no, really, not planned) so I still have to figure out what pattern to use for each pair.
On the knitted gift front I think everyone liked his/her gifts. The theme this year was cables. (Cabled scarves, cabled hats.) Most of the projects can be found in previous posts. (Last year I found myself scrambling to finish and didn’t get them off until January. I didn’t make the same mistake this year and started in October!)

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