The Daily Purl

jaywalker 1


Finished first pair of jaywalkers for DH. He says they fit like a sock.
yarn koigu painter’s palette premium merino
dpn 3.25 mm
Question: Do you block your socks? And if so, do you use sock blockers?

3 thoughts on “jaywalker 1

  1. I usually steam block them just so I can get a good blog photo but not on sock shaped blockers. I just lay them on the ironing board and steam with the iron.
    After washing I just dry, fold and place them in the drawer. I figure they won’t feel any different on my feet if I blocked them after each washing, or would they??
    That’s funny that your DH said they fit like a sock. 😉

  2. No, I do not block socks. When one wears them frequently, it’s too much bother for too little gain–they get stretched into shape on your feet anyway. The only time I would consider blocking (if I had sock blockers) would be packaging the socks as gifts.

  3. No sock blocking here either.

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