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close-up on heels


The sun came out and I couldn’t resist taking a few more photos of these socks. There seems to be a bit of a ridge where I picked up stitches for the heel. Maybe I’m doing it incorrectly? This is the second pair of socks I’ve ever knit (and the same thing happened with the first pair). Suggestions on these heels?
Update: While working on another pair of socks I discovered that it is not the yarn that is causing the ridge, but my knitting technique and tension. Jenn pointed out that maybe it was the decreases for the heel gusset. So on my next sock I paid close attention to my knitting during this part of the pattern and found that I was knitting those stitches a lot looser than the rest of the sock. Not the yarn, the knitter!

5 thoughts on “close-up on heels

  1. They’re beautiful! Are they super comfy? I have found that the ridge is more pronounced with some yarns, less with others. But maybe I’m doing it wrong, too.

  2. Maybe it’s the yarn that is the cause of the ridge? It’s still a pretty pair of socks.

  3. I really like how they look! Great job!

  4. Couldn’t help but notice your lovely socks! I think the “ridge” is maybe where the decreases are for the gusset? Just a guess! They look great!

  5. Your Jaywalker socks turned out beautifully — I especially love the color of the yarn.

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