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Nona makes a good point.
I’ll stick to one of pair socks at a time. But I think I’m going to branch out and have at least one other project on the needles. Made me think that switching things up may prove better for my hands long term.
Last year I injured my right tibia – a hair-line fracture. I was running more miles per week than my body could handle and not mixing up my workouts with riding a bike or using an elliptical trainer. The doctor said I probably won’t run mileage like that ever again. The culprit? I ran almost everyday without incorporating cross-training in my workouts.
Not being able to run is hard. Not being able to knit…I just don’t know what I’d do! So here’s my cross-training.
pattern birch rowan magazine no. 34
yarn rowan kidsilk haze
colour splendour 579
knitting Olympics must be on my mind.

2 thoughts on “cross-training

  1. You make a very good point about mixing things up and one’s (yours) hands – that’s besides the bigger reason to me, the need to not be tired of a project.
    And WOW! The color in your pics are fantastic – wonderful blog photos. The KSH color jumps at you. Nice!

  2. Another good idea is to take regular breaks during marathon knitting sessions. I will stop for thirty minutes or so–check email, fold a load of clothes, do some household chore. I find I can knit many hours like this without experiencing any discomfort.

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