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fresh greens


I haven’t knit a sweater in a while and after mentioning that I wanted to knit the hourglass sweater, I started looking at what yarn to use. Choosing the yarn-fun. Choosing the color-fun. Having to buy 10 skeins-whoa! I’d forgotten what a huge commitment making a sweater is and how quickly it empties pockets of cash. In my mind I rationalize. It’s an investment. It will increase in value as the years go by. It will be passed on to (hopefully one day) my children. And if they don’t want it, it will be auctioned off at Christie’s…you know that’s how we all feel about our FOs.
It’s been three weeks since I started my search, but I don’t mind because I love, in the words of one knitter, “the hunt”. You know the drill. Go to LYS. Stand in front of yarn. Compare a bunch of colors. Go to the window to see them in the light. Do you ever knit up a swatch at the store? I always feel that I shouldn’t….like I’d be trying one chocolate from the box, and then putting it back on the shelf, wrapper all messed up and box top askew. (I know you don’t eat the swatch, bad analogy.)
Cari asked what yarn I’d use and I’ve finally decided. Fresh greens just waiting to be knit up.

3 thoughts on “fresh greens

  1. OH! That green is my absolute favourite shade of green. Just GORGEOUS.

  2. You are right, that green iroha is waiting to be knit up. You have made a lovely choice for your hourglass. I hard time deciding on yarn and colours. When I have been loitering for an hour or so at the biggest lys in town, the sales persons start following me around. That just gets me even more nervous and indecisive and I often end up fleeing the shop and postponing the purchase 🙂

  3. I love that green, beautiful! I’ve just started knitting a green Hourglass too. 🙂

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