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purling back

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I made some good progress on birch while flying. I switched to Inox before I left which made the k2tog tbl’s a lot easier – and the join is amazing. This pattern is pretty simple, but after a few of the decrease rows, I’d count the stitches to make sure I was on track. On the two-hundredth or so stitch I realized that I was hunched over and a few inches away from my knitting. Like getting that close to the stitches would make the count accurate! I’m knitting the stocking stitch version of this shawl and love purling back on the even rows. One ball finished, two to go.

One thought on “purling back

  1. I really love your Embossed Leaves socks from a few posts back. The colors are great. I have a few questions for you, if you don’t mind.
    What yarn and needle size are you using? Are you finding that they fit pretty well, or are they saggy? Thanks!

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