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My grandmother knit, but she also crocheted, cross-stitched and made quilts.
I don’t have memories of actually seeing her do these activities. I recall seeing works in progress poking out of the top of a bag by her chair, but mostly finished quilts and afghans would magically appear on special occasions. Everything she made was a gift. To her children and grandchildren or to the ladies at her church who collected quilts for charity. I recently discovered in a book of her papers that the quilts were for Lutheran World Relief, an organization that works to combat poverty, advocate fair trade and provide disaster response. Making a quilt is one way this organization gets people involved.
Quilting in my future? Maybe. It’s fun to think about…

One thought on “quilt?

  1. You know, I have knit for 15 years and didn’t try quilting until a year or two ago. I do love the variety of handwork, and I love the portability of piecing quilt squares if you choose to quilt entirely by hand. Now my children beg me for knitted socks and handsewn quilts! Don’t be afraid to try- you might find you love it as much as (dare I say it?) knitting.

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