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embossed leaves


pattern: embossed leaves socks design by Mona Schmidt IK Winter 2005
yarn: koigu pppm, 2 skeins & a bit of Lorna’s Laces
needles: lantern moon rosewood dpns size US 2
modifications: used a different CO than the one specified in the pattern
notes: I started knitting the second sock on Thursday and by late last night I was almost finished, with just the toe left to knit. Usually I would listen to the obsessive-compulsive thoughts of perfection in my head and wait to finish this sock next week, after checking my LYS for more yarn, so the toe would be perfect. But I decided to make due with what I had at home and consider it a lesson in accepting imperfection in an object and my knitting. It also seemed wasteful to buy another skein for only 13 teeny-tiny rounds, so Lorna’s Laces from my stash completed the toe.
thoughts: The variegated yarn I used overpowers the pattern. Solid colors serve as a better canvas for knitting lace designs.

7 thoughts on “embossed leaves

  1. I think they came out great, the color isn’t too variegated that it becomes overly busy. The different toe makes it quirky 🙂

  2. Lovely embossed leaves socks. i didn’t notice the toe being different until you pointed it out 🙂

  3. Hi from Austria! I love how the socks turned out, and hey, I don’t think the color is too variegated for the pattern! But perhaps it looks a bit different “live” than on the pics? However, great work done, they’re beautiful!

  4. These socks are really nice and I, too, don’t find them overly busy with the variegated.

  5. I struggled with the varagation too, and switched to a solid.
    but I really like the look of yours! Either way great work!

  6. I’m surfing around looking at this pattern since I am thinking about knitting these socks, & I just found yours. I was thinking how beautiful this colorway was, when I read your comment about it overpowering the pattern. I think it looks gorgeous!! Beautiful knitting.

  7. I made a pair of Embossed Leaves in a variegated yarn as well, but had some gauge issues (so they now belong to my husband). I’m starting a pair in a solid color for the state fair – we’ll see how they turn out! Yours look fabulous, and I think your choice of colors was better than mine for the socks. Rock on!

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