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before you knit

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Inox needles are the recommended choice for knitting lace.
I’ve been using them to knit birch. I’m almost finished -which took me a little by surprise.
Speed. I’m not sure it’s a good thing with knitting. I don’t care if I knit slow or fast, whatever. I just love to knit. But when you find a needle that allows you to knit a little bit faster and with greater ease it makes all the difference.
Circular needles with a nylon cord often require a bit of care before you start knitting.
Inox Pearl Grey circular needles out of the package coiled up.
Fill a bowl with water and microwave for a few minutes.
Submerge needles in warm water and let sit.
Ready to do some serious knitting.

One thought on “before you knit

  1. this is a great trick. I used to hate the cable on this needle until I started resting it in boiling water. The addi joins are still better but INOX are better for lace since the needle is pointier.

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