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shetland tea shawl

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Far into the night, while the other creatures slept, Charlotte worked on her web.1
I started knitting Dale Long’s Shetland Tea Shawl over the weekend. Learning Emily Ocker’s circular beginning was a new challenge. It’s a clever way to start, but I had trouble knitting a round with only 9 sts. After multiple attempts and sloppy results, I decided to make things easier for myself and increase the number of stitches. (I used Spellingtuesday’s picture tutorial as a guide for this cast on.)
I already have mistakes in the Shetland Fern chart. (Such an easy chart – my knitting confidence just plummeted!) Keep on knitting? No. I think I may rip. As the picture shows, only two ferns are right, the rest are totally off. It may take me the rest of the week to re-do this web.
1Charlotte’s Web by E. B. White

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