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small needles


I finished re-knitting the fern chart on the shetland tea shawl and started a new sock last Thursday. The next day, two of my fingers on my right hand were a little red and swollen. It freaked me out so I took the weekend off from knitting. I was using size 1 Addi’s, knitting a pattern from an IK magazine from last year, using regular sock yarn. Nothing unusual. I don’t think I’m allergic to, gasp, koigu. Maybe I was knitting too much. Maybe my hands couldn’t handle using 5 very very small double pointed needles. And I am knitting the shawl on size 3. ? (In the last year it seems like the needles I’ve been using have been getting smaller and smaller. They don’t come in negative numbers, do they?)
Anyway, not to be superstitious or anything, but I’m taking a little break from knitting socks. (We’ll see how long that lasts!) Whah! I really want to knit these!

2 thoughts on “small needles

  1. oooo I want to knit those as well. but you better take a little break. my fingers started to hurt me as well when I was using 2mm’s ouch

  2. I’ve seen on the Schoolhouse Press site, needles (for lace/etc) in sizes 0,00, 000 – I guess that cd. be considered neg. no.s. Hope your fingers get better, I like to see your knitting 🙂