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don’t pick a size, pick a color


I received a package from my Aunt who has been holding onto my Grandmother’s Knitting Gear. Staights, dpns, circulars. These things were a major part of her life and I feel so close to her just holding them. Thanks to Aunty for entrusting me with her mom’s needles.
Tally ‘em up. Cute, but I’m a paper and check-mark girl.

6 thoughts on “don’t pick a size, pick a color

  1. funny I have a bunch of the same needles that I inherited from my boyfriend’s grandmother. It was so cool when his mom gave them to me.

  2. an amazing inheritance! my roommate recently received all of her late grandmothers knitting gear. DRAWERFULLS of needles in every size and color. a little overwhelming but amazing nonetheless.
    i like your picture of them. thanks for sharing!

  3. beautiful coloured needles, makes a person happy just to look at them. I’m a paper and check girl too, even though I have a row counter.

  4. What a neat remembrance of your grandmother.
    Could you imagine if we still only had straight needles available for knitting?

  5. I love getting knitting stuff. You must be ecstatic. At least you got pairs of needles. The last I got from someone, had a couple pairs but mostly singles, and no circulars or anything.
    Lucky you.

  6. So cool your aunt held onto these needles and lucky for you, you got them 🙂 I like the pic as it is – if I were you (in other words an artsy idea) I might frame a huge color print of the needles and frame it, hang it in my knit area. Thanks for sharing, so beautiful.

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