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lace knitting variety


574 sts on a 40” 3.25mm Addi needle


Six rounds to knit and then I’ll start the diamond madeira chart. (Check the errata dated 2/6/2006.)
This shawl is based on Elizabeth Zimmermann’s Pi Shawl, with different Shetland lace patterns thrown in between the increases by Dale Long. I’m glad I frogged and re-knit the Shetland fern. It was only 16 rounds and then I got to move on to horseshoes. Gotta love variety.

4 thoughts on “lace knitting variety

  1. wooooh! that looks beautiful. love the color. its gonna knock everyone’s socks off after blocking…..
    thanks for sharing!

  2. That is lovely. I made a big one of these awhile back in alpaca, and it makes a great throw.

  3. Beautiful! Love the color and pattern is neat.

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