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half lotus and knitting


blue sky alpacas alpaca & silk in plum – yarn for the somewhat cowl

I sat on the floor, legs crossed, back straight. I tried to meditate the organic way – focusing only on the breath. But after five minutes, I picked up the needles next to me and began to work on the new project I’m knitting.
Mindful knitting as meditation.
Edited to add:
I was just reading ModeKnit and there was a comment that the Summer IK preview is up. (Check out her Bias Corset, perfect for summer.) Ever since I knit this, I’ve been searching for a cute baby pattern. Kate Gilbert’s Pea Pod Baby Set looks like the perfect project!

2 thoughts on “half lotus and knitting

  1. I am going to eat that yarn.

  2. I LOVE that color. you didn’t even have to say what yarn it was..I already knew..yum!

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