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yo yo


muted turquoise
I knit 1.5 rounds on the Shetland tea shawl today. It’s not the most advanced pattern, but it’s doing its job – pushing me to try new knitting techniques I haven’t tried before. Specifically the double yarn over. Yo. Circle inside square. Oh yeah, I’m knitting lace, I should have expected some yarn over craziness. The first round contained double yarnovers with decreases on each side.1 Then on the next round I had to purl and knit into each yarn over made on that last round. Sometimes loops of yarn have a mind of their own. (I’ve been keeping the loop in place with my thumb and found that it doesn’t slip off so easily.) This p k into the yo yo happens twice in the repeat. How is it possible that I’m excited about yarnovers? Just writing this makes me want to get back and finish the round.
1“The corresponding decreases can follow the lines of holes by right-leaning and left-leaning decreases…The most common form is to work a right-leaning decrease (k2tog) before the yo and a left-leaning decrease (ssk) after the yo…”
A Gathering of Lace by Meg Swansen

2 thoughts on “yo yo

  1. It looks beautiful, and the color is perfection!

  2. I love this pattern. Have been doing some lace lately and would love to know how to get this pattern. BEAUTIFULL. KEEP IT UP773937

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