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loop ’em in

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Is there someone in your life who you wish would knit? Someone who, despite your efforts, hasn’t shown any interest in starting to knit him/herself? When they visit do you casually throw a skein of yarn at them to see what kind of reflexes they have to wool? Do you keep your bookshelves filled top to bottom with fiction, except the shelf at eye level, which contains all knitting books? Or do you just put yarn and needles in their hands and say, try it?
Wish she would knit. For me this person is my sister. She has supported my knitting…buying me knitting books, tagging along to the yarn store and wearing what ever I knit her. (She actually wears what I knit! In public and sends emails with photos of her wearing the knits to family and friends.) I don’t want to push her into knitting. And you’re probably wondering why I don’t just say, Hey, wanna learn how to knit? Not sure why. But I just realized recently one thing. That I’m a big fat selfish knitter. I haven’t been knitting items in her favorite color. Red. And the perfect example of me being a selfish knitter is that my next thought was about my stash…If you stayed at someone’s house, and the shelf next to the guest bed was filled with yarn in blues, greens and browns and your favorite color was red, you wouldn’t want to knit either. My plan is simple. 1. Start knitting things in red for her. 2. Keep a ball of red yarn and bamboo needles in my bag, so when I see her she won’t be able to resist… 3. Start stashing up on the most luxurious red yarns available.
Above, number 1 & 3. This yarn is sure to get her thinking. Sundara Yarn.
Pattern: Icarus Shawl by Miriam Felton from Interweave Knits Summer 2006.
Also, thank you for all your lovely comments on the finished somewhat cowl.

One thought on “loop ’em in

  1. she’ll definitely have to go for it now!
    and if she doesn’t want that shawl I can send you my address 😀

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