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stacking up my guilty pleasures


I was in Queens for work today, battling holiday traffic and rain, searching for a yarn store. (Okay, actually I wasn’t searching, I was on a work-related errand. Definitely no thinking about knitting, looking for yarn or knitting during work.) Where are all the yarn stores in Queens? The only one I know of is Smiley’s. Is this an untapped market? Or do knitters just take the train into Manhattan and shop at purl, habu, the yarn co… On the way home I picked up this book – I can never get enough of these hard cover coffee table-like knitting books. I can’t resist. Next up, the health food store to get some organic chocolate. By the time I got home the sun was out and this cashmere sock yarn was in the mailbox. Now what to do first…read, eat, knit?

4 thoughts on “stacking up my guilty pleasures

  1. Hi! I used to live in Queens, and I think that there are only 2 other yarn stores. One of them is near St. John’s University on Union Tpke (near my old house) and it is called Sandy’s Knit and Needles. DON’T GO THERE! It’s ugly and smelly. There is also a yarn store in Bayside on Bell Blvd. called Knitwits (i think that’s the name…) and that one is a little better. It’s upstairs and small, but it is kind of cute. That’s all I know of. Maybe somebody should open one!

  2. Oh golly. I think those three choices are precisely why I learned to knit while reading aloud to my kids AND eating 😀

  3. Thank for your nice comment on my blog. The colour on the yarn you’re showing on your blog looks wonderful. I really like those dark and red colours 🙂

  4. Hi Brooke, how do you like the designs in Knit Cafe?

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