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a quick review


A quick look at Greetings from Knit Café by Suzan Mischer.
what I would knit Canyon Hiking Socks, Huge Triangle Shawl1, Lala Scarf, Red Carpet Gown
what I wouldn’t knit Felted Saddle Blanket
patterns here I haven’t seen in other books Boxer Shorts, Yarmulke
controversial I know people have very strong feelings about knitted dresses…There are two in this book, and I like one of them (!) – The Red Carpet Gown.
reason I bought the book It opens with a few pages on the making of Knit Café. I think every knitter has wanted to open a yarn store at one time or another and it’s fun to read how Suzan Mischer came about opening hers. The book goes straight into the patterns (no pages on tools, gauge) – each project is by a different designer, contributors include Julia Trice, Deena Williams, Mary-Heather Cogar, Kat Coyle
knitter friendly ? Will have to knit and see.
cast on I would probably start with the Lala scarf because I have KSH in my stash.
1 A friend asked me a few months back, “Do you knit throws?”. I think this would be a good gift. The pattern starts off by saying that it’s not the quickest knit and yes, it’s stockinette. Anyone else starting his/her Christmas knitting in June?

2 thoughts on “a quick review

  1. I really like the feel of the book as well and I hate to say it but I really like one of those knitted dresses too.

  2. Thanks for the review; you’ve piqued my interest. I actually started the Knit Picks Hanging Garden Lace Stole in January for my mom’s birthday this September. I have three more pattern repeats until it’s done. Don’t at all feel funny about starting Christmas knitting in June. You’ll be sitting by the fire drinking hot cocoa come December!

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