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keeping the rhythm

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My handspun looks a little sloppy wound up – an odd-watermelon shape. I slipped it onto a needle and will make a skein with a niddy noddy later. My thoughts on spinning right now are just to do it – even if it’s imperfect with slubs.
So to keep the rhythm, I started spinning some baby alpaca top in colour pacific sand.
Working with fiber. I know what I’m using isn’t raw. It’s combed and grease free and pretty. But the source of the fiber is on my mind. I love that The Yarn Tree lists the source of the fiber on their web site. The Targhee top, for example, comes from a Montana sheep farm. They also have Border Leicester Roving from a sheep farm in Vermont.
Spinning with this alpaca is smooth and delicate. I’ve been developing an obsession for alpaca for many months. I love the handle of alpaca and the way it looks knit up. And another reason to knit with alpaca…check out this post by the Worsted Witch.

One thought on “keeping the rhythm

  1. Hi Brooke, your spinning looks amazing!! looking forward to seeing you in class tomorrow!

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