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spinning 1.2

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Niddy noddy used to make a skein of yarn, prep the twist and count yardage.
My first drop spindle handspun yarn! I’m not sure if I want to keep it like this or knit it up right away.
It doesn’t get better than this – spending a Saturday afternoon in this lovely store surrounded by yarn, fiber, delightful people and interesting customers. One woman was looking at silk cocoons which can be used in spinning or weaving (or in her case, knitting).
I left the store carrying the niddy noddy in one hand and my bag cradling my handspun in the other. Can’t wait to return next week when I’ll make plied yarn.

One thought on “spinning 1.2

  1. Isnt it addicting?! your yarn looks so cute, I still have mine sitting on my dresser.

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