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i can’t stop

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Yesterday a few friends stopped by – I had the back of the Turbulence U-Neck Pullover on the table. (Earlier in the day I had been walking around the house and knitting rows of stockinette. Walking because sitting for too long makes my back feel stiff and knitting because I can’t stop. Eventually we left for a family lunch and I left it on the table, separated from its pattern.) So when they inquired about the knitting, I ran upstairs to get Knitting Nature and showed them the back cover. They loved the cable on the front of the pullover. I felt like screaming, I know! Isn’t that the most amazing cable! I showed them a close up and the chart. You’re going to knit that? It does look challenging, but I was thinking, I’m going to knit that!
Lolly put it best when she said at the end of her book review, “Destined to be a classic, and destined to be on my needles!”
Knitting Nature References:
Sknitty’s finished Roundabout Leaf Tank
Grumperina’s Pentagon pullover

One thought on “i can’t stop

  1. I have not started anything from the book yet – even though I just flip through those pages for a little inspiration! 🙂 I am hoping to work some of those pullovers into my fall/winter knitting.
    I *love* the pink you are using. Beautiful!

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