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summer inventory


Thank you for all your comments on the turbulence pullover. I plan to knit another pattern from Knitting Nature – maybe the hex coat, but make it shorter and smaller?
Last night I did a quick summer inventory of my wips. I was hoping I wouldn’t have a complete meltdown counting the total number of projects I have on the needles. I only counted ones that were in sight – it was late and I couldn’t face a closet of bins filled with started and abandoned projects hidden between skeins of yarn. That said, the damage wasn’t too bad. The breakdown.
Two lace shawls. I think it’s okay to have one, even two lace shawls on the needles without touching them for weeks because knitting lace takes time, patience and stamina. I’ll probably always have some kind of lace shawl in the wip basket.
A sweater. The hourglass sweater that I didn’t finish in time for the Olympics. I ripped and started this sweater a couple of times and eventually changed to a different yarn. (That’s the cash iroha above. I’ll show the new yarn later…if it works.) Disappointed in myself that I wasn’t able to finish it…but I will eventually.
A pair of socks. Toe up. I don’t like the yarn. I’ll be ripping it.
My goal is to finish these by the end of the summer- to have a clean slate come fall. (But I’ll still probably start that hex coat!)

2 thoughts on “summer inventory

  1. What a pretty color for your Turbulence sweater. The hex coat looks gorgeous too!
    I have quite a few wips I want to finish before fall too. Here’s to getting them done! 😉

  2. I like to have a lace shawl in progress too – I can take my time with it and months later, I have a lovely shawl. Yes, rip and change what you don’t like, it’s much more fun to be knitting what you like 🙂

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