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9 thoughts on “scroll scarf

  1. Wow – what a beautiful and classy scarf. Love the silk and that gorgeous color.

  2. The scarf turned out really beautiful!

  3. Beautiful scarf! The silk makes it so elegant.

  4. Love the color and stitch pattern!

  5. Absolutely stunning! A beautiful yarn and a beautiful stitch pattern make beautiful music together!

  6. Gorgeous scarf!! I am so glad you took a photo of it because I have been considering using that exact same pattern from Barbara Walker for a scarf in a lace weight red multi. Did you just cast on and start the lace pattern?

  7. dude, I love this stitch pattern!, what an awesome scarf!

  8. What a great pattern.
    Is it a kind of entrelac?
    Would you mind sharing the pattern? The book is not available in the Netherlands.

  9. Please tell me how much yarn you used for your beautiful scarf.
    I have been wanting to use this very stitch pattern for a scarf for a very dear granddaughter of mine. However, I am not experienced enough to know just how to go about it all.
    Would you be willing to share the details of your scarf?

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