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a nice blend

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I was under the weather and in bed for a few days -but I’m finally back to my old self. Dusted off my computer late yesterday and was re-energized by the new comments on the icarus shawl. Thanks everyone!
Zero knitting was done last week, but I did get some yarn in the mail. Green Mountain Spinnery Greenspun1 Cotton Comfort – 80% wool, 20% organic cotton. It was on sale (odd weight) for $9/sk (Reg. $11.25). (The flyer says the sale ends August 31st.) I’ll be knitting either the Fred Textured Sweater or Harvey Kimono from Natural Knits for Babies and Moms by Louisa Harding. Here’s the baby swatch I started today. So far I like knitting with this yarn – not too itchy and not too heavy. A preview of a few patterns can be found on Interweave’s website here.
Now I have to go catch up on feeds of my favorite knitting blogs – I’m curious to see what you’ve been knitting!
1 The Greenspun yarns are washed and spun with vegetable based soaps and oils rather than the petroleum based products standard in the textile industry. No chemicals are used to bleach, mothproof, or shrinkproof. –Green Mountain Spinnery, Vermont

One thought on “a nice blend

  1. Glad to hear that you’re well! Baby things are good projects to re-start the knit engine.

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