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I can’t stop thinking about all the things I want to knit this fall. I’m in planning mode. Planning projects to feed my knitting soul and projects that will be knit as gifts. I’m thinking all the ideas in my head should be put to paper as a chart. (Does that take the fun out of it? Maybe. But I love comparing patterns, yarns, possible substitute yarns, writing, taking notes and swatching!) Do you plan or keep a list of projects you want to knit?
Planning ahead…and then this week getting a stack of vintage knitting magazines in the mail from a friend. First, Cable Knits.
Cables sandwiched with big wooden buttons.
Second, Fashions for Men and Boys. I was just thinking about how I’d like to knit a cardigan or sweater for my dad.
Magnified knits.
It was such a surprise to get these in the mail. So thoughtful of my non-knitter friend. And I think there are some classic designs here that would be fun to knit.
I started knitting a sock this week out of sweetgeorgia yarn.
I was using this small silk bag to hold the yarn all week. When I went to photograph my progress I pulled out the yarn and it had formed a beehive shape, very fitting since the colourway is called honey fig.

6 thoughts on “knitting plans

  1. First time to read your blog. I agree that cable knit is pretty and I am planning to knit one cable cardigan for this winter. Hope I can complete it.

  2. love the colour of that yarn! what’s the sweetgeorgia yarn like to knit with? i have always wanted to try it out myself. :0) x

  3. Oh yes, I do make a list of all the projects that I would like to knit and try to match them with the yarn in stash. My list is embarassingly long, usually out of 10, 1 or 2 get done 😉

  4. Vintage patterns are so classic. The last 2 men’s sweaters look like they are knit in fine yarn.

  5. Beautiful sock yarn – I love the “yarnhive”!
    Some of those cabled sweaters aren’t too bad – I guess cables never go out of style if done tastefully.
    I’ve been doing fall planning also – that one day of crisp air and I head for the stash!

  6. I make lists too; otherwise, I forget everything. And of course it feels really good to finish things and cross them out! 🙂

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