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zero sweaters on the needles


This sweater has been in my work-in-project basket since February – and finally it’s finished.
Sadly I wasn’t able to complete the hourglass sweater using my original yarn choice. I’m still in love with this fresh green yarn – but it just wasn’t meant to be for this sweater. (It is the specified yarn choice in LMKG, however, this knitter found the yarn difficult to work with – despite the beautiful color and look of the stitches knit up.) I also was knitting it a size too big – something I had a hunch (gauge was okay) about after knitting a handful of rounds. But I kept on knitting. I guess I just really wanted it to work – for the love of this yarn, I’ll make it work! A few more rounds and it was apparent that it would be huge on me, so I pulled the whole thing off the needles! Yet I was determined to knit this sweater. I started over using some Alpaca & Silk in dark green, mourning the cash iroha.
I’ve been working on this sweater since February. (Sorry, said that already, but you know how it is.) Knitting a few rounds here and there. Finally I got to the sleeves using the little circular needle. (I never did switch to dpns.) Once I got to the yoke it was fast knitting and before I knew it last night I was seaming down the hems. It’s finished!
I’m less than thrilled with the results of the sweater (the collar is a mess). But rather than agonize over it, I’m moving on. I have zero sweaters on the needles and a wip basket that’s pretty much empty. I’m so excited for the fall! Leaves crunching under feet while walking the dog. Evenings spent with a good book and a cup of hot chocolate. And of course knitting. Lots and lots of knitting.

6 thoughts on “zero sweaters on the needles

  1. The neck looks way big. When I made mine, I had to knit a score of rows more than the instructions prescribe, to make it wearable. I like it now, though, so for me it was worth ripping out that hem and knitting some more… think about it?

  2. I think the sweater looks great–and what an accomplishment to have no sweaters on the needles! I think I have 4! Ack!

  3. i think it looks really nice, and comfy. yay for fall knitting! with all the great patterns out at the moment it should be a great fall for knitting! :0) x

  4. Sorry the Hourglass didn’t work out for you. This sweater can be deceptively difficult between yarn choices and gauge and getting that collar just right.
    What’s on your plate for fall?

  5. Congrats on finally finishing it. Sometimes it just feels good to finish something, even if it’s not quite perfect. And the second yarn choice makes a beautiful sweater.

  6. It feels good to start with a clean slate. 🙂 Hope you find a pattern for the Cash Iroha; I love that shade of green!

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