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spirals and a snap


It was perfect timing –checking a project off my list, thinking about what to knit and then getting some really good sock yarn in the mail. Two new sock yarns to be exact and I cast on for both of them!
My petals package arrived on Friday and seeing as I had hardly a stitch on the needles, I started knitting the spirals of the hydrangea sock. This pattern really moved and I ended up finishing it late last night. I cast on for the second sock immediately after finishing the first (!) and in my excitement, snapped my first dpn. Poor rosewood needle. Luckily I’m obsessed with collecting needles and had an ebony dpn of the same brand and size to fill in until I get a replacement set.
More on the other new sock yarn tomorrow…

8 thoughts on “spirals and a snap

  1. cute!
    reminds me of the lucy neatby pattern

  2. Pretty swirls! Really brings out the colors!

  3. Those socks are pretty!
    I broke two ebony Lantern Moons and they replaced them for free.

  4. Augh! I just snapped an ebony Lantern Moon, too… I’m glad to hear from nat that it might be replaced for free!
    I received my Hydrangea sock yarn, too… your sock looks great! 🙂

  5. Sorry to hear about your Lantern Moon needles, they seem to be easily broken. Love your sock, cute!

  6. The socks are so pretty. Sorry to read about the dpn accident.

  7. Oh wow, you are quick – I just got my Petals collection a couple of days ago and you have already finished one. I am glad to be able to see Hydrangea sock in *action*. And sorry to hear about your DPN.

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