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anna socks


Pattern: Anna Socks by Nina Chakkour, Rowan 40
Yarn: 3 balls of Rowan 4 ply soft (didn’t use the entire third ball)
Colour: Espresso
Needles: 3,25 mm and 3,0 mm lantern moon dpns
Gauge: 28 sts and 36 rows over patt using 3,25 mm needles
Started: 9.4.06
Finished: 9.15.06
The leg
I tried the sock on as I knit and went down a needle size an inch or two below my calf. (I knit the leg for 27 cm and then switched.) I knit the ankle and foot of the socks using smaller needles and am happy with the fit. I thought about doing some calf decreases using the HJS Studio Shaping Knee Socks tutorial – entered in all my measurements but decided not to add shaping.
The heel
The last line of Shape Heel says to break the yarn and leave stitches on a holder. I didn’t break the yarn because the next step is to knit across these stitches and then pick up along the row-edge heel stitches. I wasn’t satisfied with the way I picked up the stitches on the second sock and pulled them out. And then something happened that I was not expecting – the edge of the heel flap started to unravel. I think I experienced a moment of knitting insanity when those stitches escaped. I quickly picked them up and then continued knitting the gusset. (Maybe they came out because earlier, when I knit the heel flap, I slipped the last stitch on every row.)
I decided to wait to cast on a new project and finish these socks. (Odd because I almost always cast on a new project after finishing one sock. Guess it was enjoyable knitting. I also realized that although socks are not my favorite garment to knit, I do like knitting lace socks!) I knit these while listening to Brenda Dayne’s Cast On adventures in natural dyeing. What’s your favorite knitting podcast?

20 thoughts on “anna socks

  1. that was fast! and what restraint!
    they look great and I love the yummy brown color.

  2. The socks look fantastic!! I haven’t listened to any knitting podcasts yet – where do you recommend I begin? With Cast On?

  3. They turned out nice! Yay! As far as podcasts go, I’ve listened to a few and subscribe to KnitCast and CastOn. Honestly, I haven’t found a knitting podcast that really appeals to me – I just listen to KC and CO because they automatically download into my iTunes.

  4. They are beautiful, Brooke (and on my list too)! 🙂

  5. very cute! i have this pattern AND the yarn for them but have a few deadline projects to finish first before i can start them. seeing yours, now i really want to get going on them! you did a great job!

  6. They turn out lovely, Brooke!

  7. they are absolutely beautiful!

  8. I love how they turned out! And I too love Cast On, but I also like It’s a Purl, Man and The Mosh Knit.

  9. Sorry no favorite podcast. But i am listening to a book on CD, “Cross Bones” by Kathy Reichs and it makes for quick knitting entertainment.

  10. Just lovely! And cast-on is my favorite, too.

  11. I love love love them! Great job and smart thinking decreasing the needle size. They are a perfect fit. How well are they staying up?

  12. Oh wow! Looks and fits great, and goes perfectly with the skirt!

  13. Those turned out so well! Going down a needle size seems to be what most people are doing with those socks. So crazy that they don’t think people’s ankles are smaller than their calves…maybe if you’re a supermodel…

  14. Those socks are just beautiful!!!!

  15. wow! they are just gorgeous. i would be tempted to knit them for myself except i know i would never finish them.

  16. Lovely socks! I love “Cast-on” too, but my favorite podcast is Irie Knits:

  17. Gorgeous socks! What a great color for fall. I’ve been wanting to knit some socks with 4-ply soft; do let us know how the yarn holds up after a few wears.

  18. These socks are so elegant and lovely! I am just loving every pair I see. I think I need some too! Great job on them 😉

  19. i just happen to have the same color for my anna socks! i have not started them, but am glad to see the adjustments other knitters are making before i come along and screw them up! 😉
    i had not read through the pattern, and did not realize there was no shaping.
    and i wonder why the pattern recommends 4 balls? hmmm … maybe they intended matching fingerless mitts? or just want to sell more yarn? knitting conspiracy (theory)!

  20. im tryign to knit htese socks but im having real trouble when i get to the lace pattern bit . i can never seem to get round a round just using the pattern written down i always seem to have to just knit because ive run out of stitches on whcih tio knit the pattern on any ideas on what might be confusing me because i cant fro life of me work out why i never manage to do the pattern wholely round the round (if that makes sense)
    many thanks

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