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golden yarn


It was one of those busy weeks where hardly a stitch was knit but knitting was always on my mind. What will I knit for Zimmermania? I wanted to knit the Loden Green Aran as my first project for this knit along but need a bit more time to find the perfect yarn. (And digest whether or not I can handle steeks.) Late Friday evening I remembered seeing a great hat, the Watch Cap, in The Opinionated Knitter using a stitch that Elizabeth Zimmerman calls Prime Rib (also known as brioche stitch). In Knitting Without Tears, she says that the stitch is often mistaken for Fisherman’s Rib, but that Prime Rib makes a much “richer and fruitier rib”. I’m casting on for the Watch Cap using the Manos del Uruguay on the right (it’s more golden than yellow in person) and size 9 needles. The pattern is in both books mentioned above.

3 thoughts on “golden yarn

  1. Don’t let the steeking dissuade you from making the Aran. It’s really not as scary as it seems. But I’m sure the cap out of Manos will be lovely, nice and warm for the winter!

  2. I just made the Watch Cap after flipping through Knitting Without Tears, and it’s wonderful. The pattern is full and squishy and easy to memorize. It knit up super quick and I’m ready for another! But I may try her Snail Hat next. The Manos looks lovely, can’t wait to see it finished!

  3. I was searching for the hat and just realized that your post is from Sept! Whoops, now I’ll go look and see it done!

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