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just a few rows


Ribbing and just a few rows of a new pattern and yet I’m excited to show you the progress I made on a new project this week. A cable tunic with scooped neck from Kim Hargreaves’ Touching Elegance Collection using Rowan Kid Classic. What caught my eye in this pattern were the cables (cables like none I’ve knit before). Paging through A Treasury of Knitting Patterns I found they’re called Staghorn cables. Cushioning these wide, elegant panels are Trinity stitches. The knitting has been intense and satisfying, probably because I’m doing something interesting on every row. (Trinity stitches are worked on the wrong side.) Both of these stitches are commonly used in Aran knitting and although I’m not knitting a Fisherman’s sweater, someday I’d like to knit a sweater with fisherman’s ropes and lucky honeycomb stitches.

3 thoughts on “just a few rows

  1. It’s looking lovely already. It’s not clear from Kim’s website what the pattern looks like and I’m glad breaking down what the stitch patterns are.

  2. I had my eye on that tunic too! It’s gorgeous and I love the color you’ve chosen. I really want to try something Aran soon – I’ve only ever done pretty simple stockinette sweaters. After Zimmermania, I will cast on for one… perhaps with something I find at Rhinebeck?

  3. The stitch patterns look divine! Love the rich cranberry color.

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