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sunday swatching


I love spending a good hour or two on Sunday afternoons at a local bookstore. Browse the shelves. Read the first page of a couple of books. I usually have a book or two in mind that I want to buy, today it was Murakami’s collection of short stories. I hit the knitting books section before I left and finally got a copy of Scarf Style. I’ve been meaning to get this book forever! I’m such a knitting nerd…I rushed home to search my stash and swatch something. This 2-ply cashmere by Jade Sapphire always finds its way to the top of my stash. The color of the yarn, lapis, is perfect. (The top photo best represents the color.) It really does look like a blue stone with violet hints. I want to use it for Ene’s Scarf by Nancy Bush. But as much as I love the color I’m a little concerned about the yarn. Maybe I’m just used to the strong feel of silk? I wound the yarn and knit swatches using different needles, to get gauge and to determine the best needle to use with this lace weight cashmere. (Addis too slippery, bamboos not slippery enough, LM ebony too dark/couldn’t see the yarn, maybe inox). Yes, the yarn chose an Inox Pearl Gray 4.5 mm 29” circular needle – up one needle size to get the gauge specified in the pattern. I think it will work but I guess I should wash and block the swatch before I cast on 300 plus stitches.

9 thoughts on “sunday swatching

  1. I’ve been meaning to pick up the new Murakami, too. I hope you’ll let us know how you liked it once you’ve read it.

  2. That blue color is beautiful. I used the same yarn for my print o’ the wave and it worked out perfectly. The yarn doesn’t break unless you want it to.

  3. Probably a good idea to block/wash first!!! The color is stunning!

  4. Wow, when you say “sunday swatching”, you really mean it!
    I grabbed a skein of the same cashmere in purple (on sale at Purl!). It so soft and …soft! I love it. Ene’s scarf sounds like a good idea!

  5. Wow, the color of that cashmere is beautiful! Once you’ve found the right gauge and needles, you’ll have a wonderfully soft scarf! I really must get myself some cashmere at some point…

  6. mmmm, i just love that color! so rich. definitely block the swatch. you don’t want to do all that work and end up with a dud.
    i got that collection of murakami short stories and can’t wait to dive in! i know that i’ve read several of them in the new yorker but there are a few i haven’t (and i’ve read pretty much everything he’s ever written that’s been translated.. and a few things that weren’t!)

  7. Love the jewel-toned yarn. It will make a lovely Ene’s Scarf. I am waiting to find the perfect yarn to knit this shawl someday.

  8. Ooooh, new projects are always so exciting. Especially ones that start with beautiful blue cashmere! Enjoy your new book!

  9. That colour is just gorgeous – it really sings. I am curious to hear what you think of knitting with the cashmere, although it’s not as strong as the silk, it should be a little less hard on your hands?