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squashy colours


October tumbled in and my routine changed a bit.1 My knitting slowed down and I found myself putting down the needles and heading outside to take extra long walks with my dog. I welcomed the slowing pace of my knitting and tried to appreciate the small progress I made on Ene’s scarf. I’m really happy with the way the yarn is knitting up and stop frequently to look at the stitches.
Sunday morning I made coffee, the cold tiles beneath my bare feet. I couldn’t stop thinking, I really should be wearing a pair of handknit socks! Badcaul socks to be specific. Sometimes you see someone knitting a pattern and you think it is quite lovely and want to knit it too. The pattern can be purchased individually or as a set with Nautilus and Giotto. Lots of new things in this pair for me…knitting socks with one circular, Turkish cast on, cabling without a cable needle and knitting them toe up. Actually, I tried toe up once and struggled with it, so I’m giving it another go using this koigu solid from my stash. An obvious nod to the season but I couldn’t resist.
ETA 1 I knit with some spiders last week!

9 thoughts on “squashy colours

  1. You didn’t mention that another thing that changed in your routine was the little knitting trip you made to the city! I hope you can find time to come again. This time, I’ll speak to you, I promise!

  2. I love long fall walks – you don’t get all hot and sweaty! My dogs can go for much longer also….
    The sock is coming along beautifully – that is a great pattern!

  3. Love the color on the Badcaul… and wow, you are expanding your skills with this one. I haven’t tried any of the techniques you mention. I need to be a little more adventerous with my sock-making.
    I second Veronique – I hope you can make it to The Point again soon!

  4. Excellent color, and the sock is lookin’ sexy already!

  5. I love Badcaul! Its my next Anna Bell pattern to knit for sure.

  6. Oh, I’ve been eyeing Anna’s sock designs too recently, so gorgeous.

  7. I would love to knit some socks soon, but I must finish my cardi first. I can imagine how nice it must be to walk in the cool air 🙂

  8. That sock looks terrific – what a lovely pattern! In fact, all your socks look beautiful. I’m jealous that you got to knit with my Spiders, but at least we can commiserate about not being able to go to Rhinebeck…

  9. I love your orange Badcaul! I put mine down temporarily to knit a hat, but I’m going to press on with it this weekend. It’s quite a quick pattern once you’ve mastered it, don’t you think? Looking forward to seeing the FO.

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