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yarn memories


Working from my stash for the past month or two has been easy. Things seemed to match up – the pattern, yarn, color. But I think I’ve almost reached the point where it is not working. (Save for sock yarn.) There’s a pattern I really want to knit but nothing in my stash matches the requirements. I tried to convince myself that I could use some silk/cotton/wool blend yarn I have on hand (even swatched), but it just seems wrong for a project that should be knit in 100% wool.
It seems that a lot of my stash is made up of left over balls, two of this two of that, because I pad the yarn requirements when buying for a project. Two balls left over from these socks. Two balls left after this sweater. And the thing is I don’t think I’ll knit something new with the yarn now or later. The yarn memories in it are too much – like this gorgeous cash iroha – failed attempt at knitting a sweater with it and now I have 8 skeins (2 different dye lots) that I know I’ll never use. I’d like to sell the yarn, all of it to one knitter, but I wonder if anyone would pay for a box of good, but orphaned balls of yarn. Maybe I should start buying only the amount of yarn the pattern requires, but I doubt it – the fear of running out of yarn is too great.

8 thoughts on “yarn memories

  1. I would suggest selling it on You might not sell to just one knitter but you might get it off your hands faster. I would check it out.
    Good Luck

  2. Uggg, I know what you are saying all to well. I try to buy my yarn from a LYS or an online source that takes returns. Although the destash blog looks really interesting.

  3. You might be able to unload it on a knitter who is making hats/booties/sweaters/mittens/scarves for charity. Odd balls come in very handy for that kind of thing.

  4. I bet people would buy odd ball yarns. Yarn addicts are everyone and they just crave more yarn. Or people who like to make little projects, like hats, scarves, bracelets, etc.

  5. Maybe fingerless gloves, hats, a stripy scarf? Someone may want them – a great place is the knittyboard for trading (and Knitters Review) – I bet someone would give them a new home!

  6. you could probably unload the cash iroha to someone who is looking to make the hourglass sweater. yeah, it’s two different dyelots but maybe you alternate, no one would know.
    as for a ball here and ball there of other yarn, you could always make charity hats out of them and send them off to be worn by someone who needs them.
    or if you are willing to just get rid of them but not sell them, i recently donated a big bag of unwanted yarn to someone off of craigslist. worked like a charm.

  7. How’s the EZ baby surprise jacket going? I was intrigued by it.

  8. i think goodwill takes craft donations 🙂

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