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grey alpaca


Rain and gusts of wind swirled around us while walking the dog late last night. After cleaning off her muddy paws I put on the teapot and finally got around to setting the twist on my latest handspun. I spun this fiber over the course of many evenings and it seemed to fit my mood and match the weather of late. Early this morning things had dried up and I was able to take a quick picture of the yarn before heading out for the day.
baby alpaca top from the yarn tree
Hope you all have a great weekend filled with yarn and needles.

6 thoughts on “grey alpaca

  1. So pretty. I heart greys. Your handspun yarn is sure to produce something beautiful and warm.

  2. mmmmm, what a fantastic grey! i’m always a sucker for neutrals 🙂

  3. It really does look like the weather we had been having! At least today is bright and sunny! The yarn looks squishy soft!

  4. Great photo of beautiful handspun.

  5. oh yummy, that baby alpaca looks gorgeous! :0)

  6. Brooke. The yarn is beautiful!! cozy hat?? I am so glad you make time for spinning with all the amazing knitting projects you do.

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