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Perfectly describes this Classic Elite tweed yarn. It’s my rustic version of the Equestrian Blazer to be worn in the country walking muddy roads with my dog. Lately a knitted jacket is all I’ve needed with the warm weather this season. The yarn is knitting up nicely, structured but not stiff and the short rows give it a clean shape. I plan to start my Christmas knitting this weekend. I’d like to knit my dad a Shifting Sands scarf. Any yarn substitution suggestions -what’s your favorite sportweight yarn?

15 thoughts on “sienna+cinnamon+rust

  1. Great yarn choice for the equestrian jacket. I think it will look perfect in the country. You know what yarn is really nice.. the Rowan wool/silk blend. Its a dk weight actually, but it has a nice sheen that would be awesome for a scarf.

  2. Yum, tweed. (Nice shot!)

  3. Lovely knitted fabric, rustic and tweedy, reminescent of the English country life. My fave sprortweight? Jaeger extra fine merino DK

  4. Beautiful! Lovely choice for the colour.

  5. tweedy goodness! I so love the tweed – great choice!
    my favorite sport weight is Louet Opal (maybe a bit lighter than sport) or Matchmaker Merino DK….

  6. oh, i just love the colors in that tweed. what depth it has! as for sport weight yarns, you could go with some malabrigo or something with a little color variation to it. i’m sure that pattern would be beautiful!

  7. Pretty! I can’t wait to see the finished jacket–it’s such a nice pattern.
    So I was thinking of making the same scarf for my dad! I bought some RYC Cashsoft DK for it in a dark greenish-brown. Love that Cashsoft.

  8. Nice tweedy shot. Your country-style Equestrian Blazer is going to be super-lovely. I heart that tweed. As for the scarf, I’m a big fan of Rowan 4plys for some super-soft sportweight action…and the Rowan color palette is consummate.

  9. Ooh, the Equestrian Jacket is such a nice pattern! And the tweed is such a good idea.

  10. oh, so pretty. I need to be knitting with tweed now too.

  11. what an inspired yarn substitution. the blazer is going to look absolutely divine when it is finished.
    if i was making the scarf i would probably go with either jo sharp silkroad dk tweed…which has a bit of softness in it or even the debbie bliss cashmerino dk. but then i am fussy with yarns to be worn around my neck.

  12. I love that tweed! What shade name/# is it?
    Is it soft?

  13. I love that tweed. I’m actually thinking about it for Rogue. What do you think of the yarn for that pattern?

  14. hi there,
    just discovered your blog through julie at fricknits… beautiful! i love this sweater and the rich color. may i ask what shade of the tweed you are using?

  15. what do you not like about the skye tweed? is it the yarn specifically, or just not a good match of yarn & project? i’m asking because i’ve considered ordering some from WEBS, since it’s such a good price.

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