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2 shifting sands


Thanks for the great yarn suggestions for the Shifting Sands scarf.
First up, Rowan Silk Wool Dk. This yarn is so soft and definitely would be nice wrapped once or twice around the neck. I cast on 32 stitches instead of the 52 in the pattern.
Louet Gems Opal Sportweight
Here it is knit up, a festive color and also quite soft. I like the generous width (here 6.5” unblocked) and would definitely make it 60” long for my tall dad. I think some of my stitches look a little stretched out or elongated – maybe because I pull the yarn too much when I cable without a cable needle? Anyway, must decide soon which one to keep on knitting!

14 thoughts on “2 shifting sands

  1. Gorgeous color choices! Yum, yum – new yarns to try. (hee-hee, off to order some of that dk)

  2. Maybe one for your dad and the other for another lucky person? They’re both beautiful — why frog one?

  3. They are both beautiful. I really love the red one, but the beige one looks oh so soft and silky. Tough decision. I say red one…beige one…no…red one!

  4. Well, it would seem that you’re in the fortunate position where there is no wrong choice.

  5. The red one – it’s outstanding!

  6. Hard decision!! I love Louet Opal…so soft and softer with washing! The color is great. But, the Rowan is also rich and beautiful….

  7. Ooooh…I have to go with the Rowan silk wool. What a gorgeous color – I mean, it *is* called Shifting *Sands*, right? They’re both lovely, though.
    And THANKS for the comment on my soap! I’ve got a bunch of delectable scents! The ones in the photos are (top): lavender/oatmeal; peppermint/cardamom with sprinkles of ground oatmeal; and clove/sweet orange. (bottom): cinnamon/sweet orange/bay with swirls of spice tea; sandalwood; and lavender/lime with sprinkles of lavender buds. Yum!

  8. Wow, they’re both beautiful! I’m a little partial to the Rowan, though…. Love that pattern, does it go quickly?

  9. i am blogging about this tomorrow!! wow! i say Red (i am biased as that is the color i’m using) but the silk wool is luxurious! Good luck with the choice! how great is this pattern??! Relaxing yet needs your attention.

  10. the pattern is great and my friend is asking me for a scarf, this will be fine for her.

  11. Love them both but I think I am partial to the Rowan. Can’t wait to see what you decide.

  12. wow= that rowan silk yarn is BEAUTIFUL! but the red really is lovely isn’t it….? oh… both!!

  13. i really like the red version…but then again i am more inclined towards that colour. they are both so gorgeous – what a hard decision!

  14. The scarf looks beautiful in both the yarns you’ve chosen! I really want to knit one now!
    I have the same problem with elongated stitches when I cable without a cable needle and I’ve found no way of addressing it. I’ve now decided that if I want to cable without a needle, I need to accept the stretched stitches as a feature of the pattern. (But if you find a way to get around them, do let me know!).

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