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a year at the daily purl


2006: Month by Month
[via Sandra ]
Instructions — Copy the first sentence that you posted in each month of 2006.
Here’s trellis, all knit up.
Even though we’ve had a mild winter, my hands are still dry from the weather.
I made some good progress on birch while flying.
This shawl is based on Elizabeth Zimmermann’s Pi Shawl, with different Shetland lace patterns thrown in between the increases by Dale Long.
Sweater high.
I knew what I was getting myself into after looking at the charts and photo.
This pullover was a straightforward knit – make a front, back, two sleeves, submerge block and then sew, sew, sew.
A 12 inch circular needle and coffee in triple digit heat?
Second sock/gusset, I lost track of the decrease rounds and didn’t count the stitches before I knit the foot of the sock.
I love spending a good hour or two on Sunday afternoons at a local bookstore.
Working from my stash for the past month or two has been easy.
Thanks for the great yarn suggestions for the Shifting Sands scarf.
How was your year?

2 thoughts on “a year at the daily purl

  1. Sounds like a very good year of knitting! Makes me want to look through your old posts for some of those shawls, too! 🙂

  2. Great Idea! Maybe next year (when I have actually blogged for a full year without interuption) I will do the same.
    Love your blog.

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