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wishing for snow


A quick look at the corrugated ribbing of my Anemoi Mittens before I dedicate the day to finishing dad’s scarf, baking cookies, wishing for snow, making holiday cards and going to the local nursery to get my MIL an amaryllis plant. (A thank you for helping us take care of our dog who had an allergic reaction this week. Her lower eyelids puffed up and one ear had angry red hive marks. A small dose of Benadryl cleared it up and she’s better today.)
I knit the ribbing using 2.0 mm Blue Sky Alpacas dpns and then moved the stitches to a circular 2.5 mm needle to start the body. (I prefer dpns but was unable to find a pair in this size after searching through baskets and my needle drawer.) The cuff looked really small after doing the tubular cast on, but once I took out the scrap yarn (and knit a few rows) it loosened up a bit. Thank goodness for being able to try on projects as you knit. It fits but it’s definitely a snug cuff. Nice and cozy – now if it would only snow!

8 thoughts on “wishing for snow

  1. Beautiful colour combination.

  2. If the beginning is an indication of the finished object, these will be truly beautiful mittens. 🙂

  3. Love your color choices. These mittens are next on my knit list… I haven’t decided on my yarn, though.

  4. Beautiful! They’re going to be lovely… but no snow for you yet!

  5. Beautiful – holiday candy cane colors! No snow or winter here either….winter has to come eventually, right? (it’s just waiting for you to finish the mittens)

  6. Your corrugated ribbing is turning out so nice! those must be great yarns for this pattern.

  7. It’s looking great so far. I’m wishing for snow, too!

  8. That’s a pretty color combination…reminds me of candy canes. 🙂

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