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French printed Barège shawls (two yards square and named after a village in the Pyrenees) were very popular. It is possible that Miss Lambert’s Barège pattern had come from France but just as likely that she was trying to emulate a current fashion as knitting.1
I’ve been knitting late each evening, working on Miss Lambert’s Spider’s-web shawl in the half hexagon size from Victorian Lace Today.
I added this book to my knitting library after reading Grumperina’s preview. I was sure I’d knit the Myrtle Leaf Shawl as my first lace project from the book, but I couldn’t stop looking at the Barège pattern by Miss Lambert. Shown in three different sizes (full hexagon, half hexagon and fichu) and three different yarns, I couldn’t resist the beauty of this stitch. I tend to overlook things like, say, knitting 117 rows of simple ray shaping to actually get to the pattern. I’ll finish Chart B tonight and should be ready to start knitting the Barège pattern tomorrow evening using size 5.5 mm needles. (The half hexagon pattern requires multiple needles sizes, going up a needle size for each chart.) The yarn is silk merino hand painted lace from Yarnahoy in color Chocolate Cinnamon.
Cross-posted at the Victorian Lace Today kal.
1 Victorian Lace Today, pg. 45

8 thoughts on “back to lace

  1. I added that book as well but for some reason it overwhelms me! I need some downtime to just sit and relax while leafing through it. for now Ill live vicariously through you!

  2. Beautiful yarn! Can’t wait to see how it turns out!

  3. That color is so luscious, you could eat it. Beautiful work!

  4. that is beautiful – the subtle varigation works wonderful with the pattern! can’t wait to see it stretched out a bit!

  5. love the color!! can’t wait to see it stretched out.

  6. Absolutely stunning.

  7. Choc-cinnamon sounds good to eat! I don’t have that book yet, so I’ll wait for your progress pics to see what you’re knitting, but everything in that book seems lovely as far as I can tell from the online photos I’ve seen.

  8. it’s beautiful! I’ve been eyeing that pattern too. I love the colour you’ve chosen. I was leafing through VLT today wondering how browns and muted colours would work for those patterns, so was excited to see your shawl now.

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