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Lenten Rose Socks by Sundara Yarn
Just knitting another sock and taking in the comfort, inspiration, moment of meditation and mindfulness that I get from knitting. Enjoying the process of creating something by hand over days and months, a pace that is at odds with much of life. I started knitting this sock weeks ago and have enjoyed watching the lace pattern take shape, round by round. I’m not sure why, because I know it’s coming, but turning the heel is always surprising and exciting.
I’ve been reading Knitting Vintage Socks by Nancy Bush. To be honest, there’s information in the Updating Weldon’s Techniques chapter that I didn’t know before reading this book! Do you have a favorite Nancy Bush sock pattern?

19 thoughts on “mindful knitting

  1. love that yarn! do you remember if it’s one of her ‘recurring’ colorways?

  2. You’re right about sock knitting, I just started one and each time I do, I’m reminded how soothing it is.

  3. I love all of Nancy’s designs. I think my favorite is New England in Knitting on the Road.

  4. Beautiful photos of the process. I don’t know that I can pick a favorite Nancy Bush pattern, since I have not knit one yet. I am in love with the Knitting Vintage Socks book, however, and want to knit just about every one in it. After I repeatedly put the book on hold at my library, my husband bought it for me as a present…so now I can continue to gaze at it, and hopefully knit one soon.

  5. I love that color – so pretty – not quite purple, not quite gray….
    I love all of the Nancy Bush patterns I’ve done so far! Mamluke, Denmark are a few of my favorites!

  6. Beautiful sock and yarn combination! I love Nancy’s patterns – I have many favorites, some that I have knit, and others that I have admired. I am hoping to do many more of her patterns in 2007.

  7. oooh, that is just a lovely colored yarn! and the stitch pattern is very flattering to it. i love nancy bush. i’ve used her techniques before but i don’t have a favorite sock pattern…yet 🙂

  8. So many of my socks are NB patterns. I like them all! The Sundara sock is gorgeous!

  9. I love all of NB’s patterns, but I would like to knit New England from KOTR.
    Your sock looks wonderful. I was unsure if I wanted to use the pattern that Sundara sent with the yarn (very lacey in the picture) or a Nancy Bush pattern…I like the way yours is looking. Beautiful knitting.

  10. Love the sock and I love Nancy Bush. I don’t think I have a favorite because every one of her patterns I’ve knit have been a success.

  11. I love Conwy from Knitting on the road. It works with both varigated yarns and solid colours. Just lovely. The sundara yarn is the most magic colour and you’ve captured it perfectly. I took some pics of mine to send someone but it looked so grey. Your picture is lovely.

  12. Beautiful sock! I keep revisiting your blog just to look at the yarn. Very jealous that you are going to get to wear a fabulous pair of art.

  13. oh wow! that yarn looks so delicious. why is it that i hate sock knitting but a nice picture of some gorgeous yarn makes me want to go out right now and buy some.

  14. yeah what colorway did you get. that’s absolutely gorgeous!!

  15. Love your sock! It looks great.

  16. I love your description of sock knitting. You’ve managed to capture and portray the momentum and comfort associated with the knitting of socks.
    My favourite NB design is Friday Harbour and I’m planning New England and Unst next (Knit’g on the Road).

  17. That colorway of Sundara yarn for your socks is the most stunning color! It is haunting me…do you think she has more?

  18. It’s looking great. I love the color/pattern combo.

  19. Beautiful! I have that yarn, too, but I need to finish some projects before I start. Are you knitting the pattern Sundara provided?
    I like NB very much. I don’t think I have a favorite pattern per se (yet), but I do like the Welsh heel that she has in Vintage Socks. I’ve knit two pairs with it. It fits my heel well and is fun to knit.

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