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…the look on the face of the little girl when she pulled on the hood of her Wallaby this weekend, no pics to capture the moment, but I’ll never forget it. It was a weekend of reading books to the kids (I brought them Pinkalicious and Owen & Mzee), eating peach pie and catching up with good friends.
A package was waiting for me when I got home…
Cashmere bag made by Blossom to hold wip-socks. What’s inside?
Teal Malabrigo
and silk fabric from Shanghai
My current sock-in-progress is ready to take up residence in pure luxury.
Everything about this package is sooo soft, from the yarn to the silk to the bag. And I love this
Too generous a gift for drawing a tree – thank you Blossom!

5 thoughts on “gifts

  1. What a great gift!
    And that sock pattern looks intriguing–what is it? I think I want to knit it!

  2. what a lovely gift! i’m sure you’ll make great use of it!

  3. One good gift deserves another. Your box of bright yarn arrived and it’s so wonderful. I’m afraid to let the kids touch some of it! Thanks for bringing a little knitting luxury to their lives!

  4. they look great on your photos! i’m so glad you like them!! thanks again.

  5. What a beautiful gift! I’m actually jealous of the yarn: I want a cashmere bag to snuggle up in! (Cashmere sleeping bag: the ultimate luxury?)

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