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3 things


1. Project Update: Equestrian Blazer
I love the pattern but I’m not sure about the yarn. Every time I pick up this project I feel differently about my yarn color choice. Some days I love it (especially the specs of red and the occasional yellow stitch) and other days I hate it. I finished the back and am really happy with my short rows. The left front is not as nice – the stitches on the left dent in and are uneven. Ultimately, I think the color of the yarn is what’s turning me off from the project. Verdict: Yarn and pattern are going their separate ways.
2. Yesterday reading a non-fiber magazine and finding a full page photo of a spinner in action…
She’s Got Their Number by Chuck Salter, Fast Company, February 2007
Profile of Brenda Dietrich – mathematician, runs the math sciences department at IBM’s Thomas J. Watson Research Center, named one of IBM’s top inventors (twice), spinner, knitter
3. 100% pura lana’s sock yarnlove the Rohrspatz und Wollmeise

7 thoughts on “3 things

  1. A math genius knitter? Sweet. 🙂

  2. 1. Aw, too bad about the Equestrian blazer. I was so convinced when you started the project that it was going to be just beautiful. I do understand how you’re feeling about the stitching and the yarn, though… I got some Classic Elite from the WEBS sale because a few people making CPHs were raving about it. However, I am not all that convinced about mine, either. It’s almost like there is too much going on with the fiber, somehow. In any case, the yarn *is* a pretty color, so it will certainly knit up into *something* beautiful. A softer, more delicate yarn might be better for the blazer, though.
    2. That’s way cool and very liberating, somehow.
    3. Yeah, 100% Lana has all of blogland drooling over her Rohrspatz. I’ve already spent *way* too much time on that website-it’s like the Blue Moon Fiber Arts of Germany! I certainly can’t condone the free Dreadlock sock pattern that is posted on the site, though.

  3. I don’t remember the specified yarn. I really like blazer pattern and I planned on making it. I think the color looks good. Is it that you don’t like the yarn itself or only the color?

  4. Good luck on finding the right combo. I will be starting that blazer soon, myself.

  5. 🙂 I’m happy that you have discovered Claudia – the Wollmeise because of my post!
    The short row shaping looks really nice.

  6. 1. The yarn is knitting up into a very rustic fabric, I think. That’s all well and good, but if it isn’t what you are looking for it’s not good at all! I hope you are able to find a happier yarn choice for the pattern, it’s a great one.
    2. I love stuff like this, thank you for the link.
    3. Thank you for enabling my “screen” shopping habit!

  7. I like the different colors in the yarn, but if you’re not feeling the love, they should part ways….

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