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color comfort zone


With regards to the Skye Tweed in yesterday’s post – it’s the color (not the yarn) that’s not working for me.
Now don’t think I’m crazy, but after holding up the pieces and taking a look in the mirror, I realized the color just didn’t look good on me. And while I think it looks beautiful in the photographs, I wasn’t sure how much I would actually wear it. I tend to wear lots of gray wool and cashmere sweaters and would like to add a hand knit one to my collection. Boring? Maybe. But it’s what I wear – and I really want to wear my hand knits. (Do my swatches tell a different story? Maybe I’m just going through a phase. Maybe it’s the weather.)
ETA: This Equestrian Blazer is lovely!

2 thoughts on “color comfort zone

  1. No, it’s not being crazy. It depends on the color of the skin, whether you have a blueish or yellowish tone. There was a whole business based on that in the 80’s. I, for one, wear khaki, greens, pumpkin, and other “fallish” colors. So when I see this brown, I’m in LOVE. You would NEVER catch me in pink, grey or blue….it’s one of those things.

  2. I love all the coloured yarns available – and sometimes I even buy them, only to have them languish in my stash! I only wear neutrals.

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