The Daily Purl

eye candy


I swatched once and am ready to swatch again. Enter new yarn slated for Ariann. Beaverslide Dry Goods, natural wool grown in Montana, 2-ply worsted weight in color cottontail. This particular color has more fine kid mohair than the other worsted weight yarns, but the natural color is exactly what I wanted for my Ariann. (BTW, Go check out Kristi’s Ariann-simply stunning.) I’ve never been so excited to swatch!

4 thoughts on “eye candy

  1. So beautiful… and so squishable!! x

  2. Wow, that yarn looks so perfect for Ariann. I am dying to make myself an interesting, fitted cardigan, but I just can’t settle on which to make. I am thinking a Kim Hargreaves design, but you’ve got me considering the Ariann, now.

  3. It’s perfect for Ariann!!

  4. I love natural colors for yarn. It makes me think about what went in to creating it.

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