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ariann, soap & sock yarn


I’ve been working on Ariann all week and am about to knit the first one row buttonhole. This is my first cardigan and I’ve only knit buttonholes on kids knits using the yarn over method, so I decided to try out a few before placing the first of four 3-st buttonholes on this cardigan.
One Row Buttonhole
1 – Elizabeth Zimmermann’s one row buttonhole from Knitter’s Almanac without turning the work
2 – slipping the stitches knitwise (Hint du Jour by Bonne Marie – Buttonhole Version D)
3 – one row buttonhole, slipping stitches purlwise (video here)
I’m going to use Bonne Marie’s suggested buttonhole since it looks neat and sturdy.
This has been a really satisfying project thus far – the pattern has a really nice rhythm to it and the yarn is knitting up beautifully.
And some lovely scents brightened my week…
handmade soap by Megan…Springtime Lure [Lavendar & Lime]
And I was expecting glorious colors, but wasn’t expecting it to smell lovely too (yes, I sniff yarn!).
sock yarn by Wollmeise

12 thoughts on “ariann, soap & sock yarn

  1. good choice for the button hole – looks great! how was the shipping for the sock yarn – some of those colors on the site are so pretty!

  2. I’ve never done non-baby buttonholes, either. Thanks for the bit of insight. Your sock yarn is lovely. I’ve been eyeballing that yarn for several months, but cannot figure out how one can acquire some without a friend in Germany.

  3. This is a post of many temptations. The Beaverslide knit up into Ariann is gorgeous. Thank you for sharing your study of buttonholes, having never knit an adult cardigan, I am sure this will come in handy at some point. I have been fighting the urge to Megan’s soap because my etsy addiction, it’s not a pretty thing. And that yarn…so so very tempting.

  4. oh, i love seeing all of the different buttonhole methods! thanks for that! i’ve only ever done the YO method on kid’s clothes as well.

  5. your ariann is looking so pretty. and that sock yarn… stunning!

  6. It does, doesn’t it (smell lovely!)? 😀
    Which colours did you get? Am I seeing some Campari Orange?
    Your Ariann looks really nice, and I really like it in that light colour. I really should get that pattern, too….

  7. Wonderful button study! Useful for many, I suspect.
    Ariann is turning out beautifully… so light and fluffy. Your beautiful gray Beaverslide is making it all the more difficult for me to resist starting my own beautiful fluffy gray cardi (ahem, Kim H’s Tender is calling to me–even from your site!). And my soap can hardly compete with that amazing German fiber–how did you order it?

  8. I really like that soft gray yarn for Ariann…and thanks for the buttonhole links. I just bought some soap from Megan and used it for the first time last night–yum!

  9. Your button holes look perfect, all in a row.

  10. thanks for knitting lots of buttonholes for us to not *have* to do the same 😉
    i have seen that pretty sock yarn popping up on the net here and there, and it’s getting harder and harder to resist with each little glimpse.

  11. OMG…the yarn you are using for arianne looks absolutely good enough to eat!!
    it is going to be the most scrumptously comfortable cardigan.

  12. oh…and i forgot to ask. what colours of wollmaise did you get? and are they the light, medium or dark versions?

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