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Savoring every stitch.
Pattern & Yarn: Lenten Rose Socks – Petals CollectionSundara Yarn (100% superwash merino wool, 350 yards, 100 grams, “Lenten Rose”, 1 skein)
Needles: 2.25 mm Blue Sky Alpacas dpns
Notions: included 20 inches silk ribbon, cut in two 10 inch strips
Did you get your Cherry Blossom? I’ll be celebrating spring with some of this yarn in silk lace weight which will arrive in April. Now I just have to find the perfect pattern.

23 thoughts on “stages

  1. A beautiful photo montage…I did get my Cherry Blossom;-)

  2. My goodness. How incredibly lovely.

  3. wow! gorgeous socks! i love the photos you took with these socks, too.

  4. those are beautiful! I heard lots of rumblings about this colorway, but it is so pretty!

  5. they are beautiful! wonderful colour

  6. How perfect is that?! The yarn looks absolutely lovely, and the socks are divine.

  7. What a beautiful pattern! And that color! Wow.

  8. gorgeous! every time i see a post about the petals collection i regret not having gotten in on it 😦 but it sure does make for good blog reading!

  9. Beautiful yarn, pattern, photos, and socks! They look fantastic!

  10. Your socks are gorgeous! I was thinking of using the Lenten Rose yarn for another pattern thinking the original pattern was too lacy, but seeing yours I am now inclined to knit the pattern sent by Sundara….absolutely fabulous!

  11. Wow, Brooke, you REALLY need to stop inspiring me with all of your gray beauties!! I have already purchased some Beaverslide cottontail because of you-I am thinking Katharine Hepburn cardi from Lace Style? I haven’t purchased Lace Style yet, so haven’t swatched, but I want that combo to be a perfect match–fingers are crossed. Good thing I CAN’T go buy the Lenten Rose yarn, because I would, right now, if I could. Such beauties you have on your needles.

  12. Oh! So pretty! It’s terribly fun to see these knit up. I hope you enjoy wearing them as well.

  13. Your socks are so classy in this grey. Now I’m beginning to think that I need not save the grey yarn for socks for my husband, the grey can be for me too. heehee, that doesn’t leave him with anymore sock yarn 🙂

  14. what a beautiful series of photos. the wonderful process… and an exquisite end result too! love that ribbon accent at the top.

  15. Beautiful photos of beautiful socks.

  16. Those are lovely socks in a lovely yarn. What a lucky knitter you are!

  17. I wanted to cast mine on but now I just can’t wait. The yarn is such a pretty colour and seems to change depending on the light. Which, at this time of the year, changes a lot.

  18. oh i missed this post! these are just absolutely the most gorgeous socks.
    insert serious envy here!!!!!!

  19. Beautiful socks and photography. I love your yarn choices – you have exquisite taste.

  20. That’s such a beautiful sock pattern (and yarn). Generally I haven’t felt like I missed anything by not belonging to “yarn of the month” clubs, but I would have digned up for the Petals collection just for these socks alone!

  21. Those are gorgeous! Tell me, do they stay up pretty well? Are those oh-so-cute ribbons merely decorative, or do they actually help keep the socks up?

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