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Thank You to everyone who stopped by and left a note about my Lenten Rose socks. And now on to the next pair… 🙂
I bought this yarn last December, eyeing it every time I looked at my stash. When the Spring IK arrived in the mail, it was put aside for a month. Just wasn’t ready for all the spring looks – except for the socks. An issue with two amazing sock patterns! I love Eunny Jang’s Entrelac Socks – I’ve never tried entrelac, so those will definitely be a future knit. (With much thought about what two yarns to use.) The moment I saw Roza’s Socks by Grumperina, I knew the pattern would be a perfect match for the minty Brooklyn Handspun Signature sock yarn in my stash.
This Signature yarn is so soft – love the tight twist and comes in a generous 480 yards. I’m using Lantern Moon five inch ebony 2.25 mm dpns from Knit-Purl (they only show the 7 inch on their web site, but at the time they were out of stock and said they had the five inch sox stix, so I opted to try them out.) I prefer knitting socks with dpns, but I always find it hard casting on all those stitches with out twisting. (It’s probably just me, but the needles bounce and twist when I cast on dpns.) Lately, I’ve been casting on all the stitches to a circular needle and then transferring them to the dpns.
Solid, minty colour, plays well with this beautiful pattern.

21 thoughts on “sock love

  1. SO pretty. Your color choices are always so soothing. Oh! I have some lovely news about my knitting students to share with you. Will post it soon on the blog.

  2. Ooooh! That is a perfect match!

  3. Very pretty. I want to try this pattern myself. Hmmm yarn choice. . .

  4. What a beautiful color – won’t the socks look great with brown shoes?

  5. a gorgeous match! i love that brooklyn handspun too. that particular yarn fluffs up when you wash it and becomes absolutely heavenly. i’m a big fan.

  6. very pretty! I did the same thing when my IK came – right to the sock patterns!!!

  7. What a perfect pairing. I think the BH mintyness will make for a beautiful pair of Roza’s socks.

  8. Oh, that minty green is lovely! I got a sneak peek at Marie’s about-to-be posted yarn last night.. *drool*

  9. That is a really beautiful color…I can almost taste it.

  10. Great pattern/yarn combo! The yarn looks delightful to knit! I can’t wait to see the finished product!

  11. i too love the socks in this issue of ik, they are both gorgeous. i love your yarn, it’s really lovely. it will make a great pair of socks.

  12. this is such a beautiful colour. and you’re right. it works perfectly with that sock pattern

  13. Gorgeous, as usual. Makes me want to stop what I am knitting and knit what you are knitting.

  14. You might want to try Dave’s garterlac dish cloth to get the feel of how interlac works. The pattern is so fun! I’ve knit about 12 of those:D
    Here’s the link:
    Love the Lenten Rose socks….so pretty.

  15. Such a pretty color! I, too, like sock yarns with a good, tight twist. They just feel so much more “solid” than the fluffier ones.

  16. Beautiful color and pattern. Off to take a look at that yarn. YUM!

  17. I remember the knitting philistine commenting about your site and then you went and left a comment on my site so I came and visited. You have a beautiful blog and the photography is so gorgeous!

  18. Lovely minty colored yarn. Just beautiful!!

  19. I can see what Megan (the knitting philistine) means when she says your site should be called The Daily Temptation. That color is stunning!

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