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fiber crush


I found myself reaching for some yak/merino fleece while at The Yarn Tree the other day – curious about this fiber after seeing it here and here.
So I added it to the bunch of small bags of fiber to test spin. Mongolian cashmere/mulberry silk, merino in gold, sand colored baby alpaca and cream-colored yak/merino. I spun up a bit of each to get the feel of various fibers before committing to one that would fill my spindle. The cashmere/silk was trouble, the most difficult fiber I’ve spun yet. (I think it was the silk.) The merino was easy. The baby alpaca fast. The yak/merino perfect – so I spun up more. Smooth spinning and so soft. While plying the yak/merino using the Andean plying bracelet method, one ply split and coiled its way into the bracelet. I took it off my wrist and it became more of a mess, so I untangled it and wound it onto a niddy noddy. After setting the twist of the singles and two-ply with steam, I hung them on each end of a hanger to dry. I love the inconsistencies of the two-ply. Overspun beads next to airy plies. And since I don’t want to knit it up right away (need to take in the finished handspun high for a few days or weeks) I needed some yak to knit. Shokay, 100% pure yak down in an earthy color. All set up on my coffee table: yak yarn, needles, a print out of A Scarf Askew and The Natural Knitter (more on this book tomorrow).

8 thoughts on “fiber crush

  1. Beautiful things you’re plying– er, playing around with. The yak keeps surfacing on blogs and my interest is peaking. And, of course, since you’re doing it, I’m all the more lured to succumb to temptation.

  2. that looks so soft….

  3. Beautiful fibers you’ve been plying… makes for some great playing, I imagine. That yak has been popping up all over blogland, and now that I see it on yours, I am all the more tempted.

  4. I have seen posts about yak yarn but my interest in knitting with this particular fiber was not piqued until I read your post. You are quite the enabler.

  5. At the risk of repeating myself: beautiful colours.

  6. Oooh I love it! I’m a big fan of the yak. And The Yarn Tree? Who knew places like that even existed? The fibers are more tempting than any yarn I’ve come across! You did a lovely job.

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