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roza’s socks


Pattern: Roza’s Socks by Grumperina, IK Spring 2007
Yarn: Brooklyn Handspun Signature, Minty Subtle Solid, 1 skein
Needles: Lantern Moon Sox Stix ebony dpns, 2.25 mm
Loved knitting this pattern. It has a nice balance of both interest and ease on the needles. Although I started knitting these socks in March, I knit the entire second sock this past week. I definitely consider them my Project Spectrum socks! Besides being one of the softest pairs of socks I own (something about that Signature yarn, it’s seriously soft knit up) I also really love the way they look – horizontal texture and vertical elegance.

15 thoughts on “roza’s socks

  1. Gorgeous! I love that yarn and pattern combo.

  2. How lovely! They are such a beautiful, soothing green!

  3. I love the socks! I have some sage-ish sock yarn I was considering for this pattern and thought I was being original… no. I forgot about seeing your first Roza in process! Those socks are fantastic…and just in time for spring!

  4. Lovely socks. I found your blog and included a link to The Daily Purl in the Spring Knitting Issue of my online magazine, WebPearls.In reading yours and some other of the knitting blogs, I’m excited about learning to knit. Your interest and enthusiasm are contagious. I’m sure I’ll check back for ideas and inspiration.

  5. They look wonderful, and I’m so glad you liked the pattern!

  6. These are some real beauties. Such a simple but classic pattern, and that yarn looks so soft and light. Wonderful springtime socks!!

  7. Very elegant! They look beautiful!

  8. Very pretty socks! I love that shade of green!

  9. Pretty…I can’t wait to start my own pair.

  10. Those socks are amazingly beautiful! And so is your photograph…

  11. What a beautiful pair of socks! I also knit a pair of these last week, and I can agree with you on the pattern. It is very nicely balanced.

  12. These turned out great! The soft heathery yarn is so perfect for this pattern.

  13. Very, very lovely & so springy too!

  14. What a beautiful green! Excellent yarn choice for the pattern. The socks turned out great!

  15. i love how different this pattern looks in different yarns. your socks are fabulous!

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