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FO : VLT shawl


Pattern: Spider’s-web shawl, Victorian Lace Today
Size: Half hexagon
Finished Measurements, approx. 75” across top, 24” from middle center down to bottom of shawl
Yarn: silk merino hand painted lace from Yarn Ahoy etsy store in color chocolate cinnamon, 1 skein
Needles: 4.5 mm, 5 mm and 5.5 mm circular addi turbo
Modifications: ended shawl after working Chart C once using 5.5 mm needles (the pattern calls for this chart to be worked 4 more times using 6 mm needles, resulting in a completed half hexagon 84” x 36”), single crochet bind off
I’m not sure what drives me to knit lace. A burst of passion for the delicate yarn and interesting stitches carries me through the bulk of a lace project. What is it that calls you to gather lace weight yarn and needles and find a seat next to good light? In this case I was drawn to the shawl featured on page 42 of VLT – the idea of strolling in a lush garden draped in hand knitted lace, the simple Barège pattern highlighted by the surrounding greenery. It speaks of leisure and elegance, a feeling that I wanted to try to recreate with my needles. This is the first time I used variegated lace weight yarn and I think it worked well in this pattern, but in general it’s a risky endeavor, no? The blocking process didn’t go as smoothly as usual: the yarn bled a lot in the sink, I really could have used blocking wires to get the hexagon shape perfect. I didn’t knit the last four repeats of Chart C – I had my fill of the Barège pattern and realized that the finished size (84”) would mean coming up with a creative blocking surface plan.
Layers of lace & tissue, ready to be mailed to its recipient.
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32 thoughts on “FO : VLT shawl

  1. It is pretty and I envy the one who receives it. That one is a lucky one.

  2. Both pattern and yarn are stunning! Especially that yarn – the fairly subtle variegation definitely works with the large stockinette sections.

  3. Gorgeous! I’m off to go check my copy of Victorian Lace for the original, you’ve inspired me!

  4. That is so beautiful. The colors are so pretty. I’ve had some silk lace yarn for awhile but no courage to knit with it yet.

  5. this yarn worked very well for the pattern, lovely.

  6. The yarn, with just the right amount of handpaintedness, goes really so well with this pattern. Lovely!

  7. Lovely, lovely, lovely! I just don’t have the patience for lace, but I’m glad you do. I can enjoy it by proxy!

  8. Lovely! Someone will be happy to open that package!
    I agree with you about lace knitting. Although it looks difficult, I think it’s the most relaxing and interesting knitting!

  9. wow. that is stunning! that shape is so neat – not one you see too often! the variegated yarn worked really well – maybe because it was more of a subtle variegation and not so severe?

  10. Gorgeous work, Brooke! I also love to see beautifully wrapped packages. Perhaps it’s because when I was little I had relatives in Japan who sent the most beautiful gifts- pencils, umbrellas- didn’t matter what it was, it always looked like treasure.

  11. Beautiful shawl!What a lovely gift.

  12. Well, that is gorgeous. I am always nervous to use variegated yarn (even for socks, to be honest); but, I think the yarn and the pattern work well together. It is a beautiful shawl and I think the recipient will be giddy with delight.

  13. Stunning, and the variegated colors came out beautifully! A very lucky recipient indeed.

  14. i love the lace, and something about it wrapped up says ‘cultured’ to me. very nice!

  15. Wow! Really pretty, especially with the subtle varigation in the yarn colour. I am adding this to my list of shawls to knit from VLT!

  16. That’s one nice-looking piece of lace! It’s one of the ones in VLT that I really want to try, but I have to limit myself to smaller projects because I have no good places to block out any large ones. So I’ll just content myself with admiring the ones that other people create. 😀

  17. I’m in throes of a lace bug myself, working on Birch for my sister’s wedding shawl. Love your Spider Web–the recipient is a lucky person!

  18. It’s so beautiful! Who’s the super lucky recipient?

  19. ::sigh::
    Gorgeous, stunning, stunning and gorgeous some more. Did I mention gorgeous? Lace knitting still intimidates me but I am taking the plunge this summer. I really must try it for myself. Especially if the above is the result. You continue to inspire.

  20. That is just gorgeous. I love the chocolatey goodness of the color and the patience it takes to do lace, well let’s just say I am still acquiring the patience to do much less at the moment.
    Just stunning.

  21. So beautiful. Because of this post, I zoomed off to Amazon and ordered the book. Lace knitting here I come!

  22. Absolutely gorgeous. I’ve been dreaming about lace, but I have too many WIPs to do more than dream right now.

  23. Oooh! Lovely!
    I can’t believe you’re giving it away 😦

  24. What a beautiful shawl! I have that book myself, and want to knit the patterns on every page. So elegant. I hope your recipient is amazed. 🙂

  25. oh wow brooke…this is so beautiful.
    look what happens when i get behind in reading my bloglines, you go and finish and amazing shawl. well done!

  26. Brooke, I’m honored that you made such a beautiful shawl out of yarn I dyed!
    I shall link my blog to this page.
    Best regards 🙂

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